About Raw Feeding

Raw food is a natural option and perfectly compatible with the digestive systems of your cats and dogs. As result a raw food diet can provide many health benefits for your pet.

It’s a proven fact that the human body benefits from a more natural diet without additives, preservatives and fillers, and your pets are no exception. The biggest investment that you make in the quality of your pets’ life is optimal nutrition.

Owners that provide a quality, well formulated and preservative free raw diet to their pets typically notice better all-round health and improvements to those suffering from allergies and overweight issues.

The most common benefits pet owners see from feeding raw food include:

  • Improved teeth, oral health and breath - Consumption of raw bones, meat, connective tissue and skin encourage a natural scrubbing action promoting healthier teeth and gums
  • Reduced suffering from allergies - A natural diet eliminates additives, preservatives and fillers which can play a big factor in today’s food allergies found in cats and dogs
  • Improved digestion - A raw food diet is perfectly compatible with the digestive systems of your cats and dogs
  • Improved skin and coat - Whole prey, raw foods contain optimal levels of unsaturated fats and naturally occurring omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids which assist with the healthy skin and coat
  • Stronger immune system - A raw diet normalises and strengthens the immune system
  • Leaner body mass - Pets are more satisfied with a species-appropriate raw diet and are less likely to overeat and therefore loose unwanted fat and gain increased muscle mass
  • Improved stool odour - An increase in bone consumption coupled with the elimination of unnatural additives in their diet improves stool odour
  • Improved stool volume - More of the food consumed is actively used when eating raw, resulting in less waste
  • Increased energy - A species appropriate raw diet enables pets to get more readably available energy from their food
  • Money saved on vet bills - Because a raw diet provides a healthier option for your pet, visits to the vet are often reduced

Why your pets will thrive from a raw food diet

By nature cat and dogs are predators – they evolved eating a prey based diet and most importantly eating that diet raw. Their bodies weren’t designed to eat the long list of additives, preservatives and grain products found in many of today’s mass produced pet foods.

The Carnivoro ranges we offer contain ingredients to replicate what your domestic dog or cat’s ancestors evolved to eat over tens of thousands of years.

Each recipe is formulated scientifically to be very close to the ‘Prey Model Diet’ which is globally recognised as being the benchmark for optimal raw feeding nutrition. The Prey Model diet follows a simple formula of ensuring the right combination of muscle meat, bone and organ meat- as if your cat or dog was hunting for its own prey. All recipes in the Carnivoro range contain high levels of protein and low levels of fat – essential to maintain a healthy weight.

Every ingredient included within Carnivoro’s recipes has been carefully selected with each component offering its own unique health benefits for your pet.

Most raw food advocates agree that it is best to feed a variety of food sources. Variety not only mimics what the dog’s ancestors would have consumed, it also ensures access to a greater range of nutrients and a healthier diet as result.   Carnivoro’s two ranges of raw food – our classic and wild ranges aid with providing your pet the variety that they naturally crave.

The biggest investment that you make in the quality of your pet's life is optimal nutrition.

While Carnivoro is a strong advocate for feeding a raw, natural diet to your cat and dogs, it is by no means a sole cure for illnesses, intolerances or other health issues and it should not be considered as such. If your pet is unwell, it is suggested that you seek the professional advice of your pet care health provider. The material prepared for this website is the author’s own beliefs based on his own research and findings. The content on raw feeding has been prepared to provide information on raw feeding. The material contained in this website should not be considered as veterinary advice.